Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What He Said

As most of you are probably aware, Tamarind and I have gone into blogging partnership (blognership? blartnership? plogging?) over at Righteous Orbs (that's www.righteousorbs.com for those of you who didn't click the link).

To further confuse the issue, since I've been Paladining more and Deathknighting less, I'll be writing as Chastity, rather than as Temitope.


New site, new name, new look. Same nonsensical opinions on all things WoW.

Friday, 7 August 2009

I, Dickhead

I haven't updated in a while, it's been a combination of work, other internet-type projects, and actually playing the darned game instead of blogging about it.

So anyway, today's Dickhead of the Week is ... me actually.

As you might have read over at In My Cissy Robe, Tamarind and Chastity have just hit 80, and we've started the long slow slog towards getting geared.

We've also got a new guild, which is one of those fluffy leveling guilds which is "going to start raiding soon" and attracts a lot of really nice people who don't really know what the hell they're doing.

We're two of only about four Eighties in our guild, and as a tank and healer we're much in demand. Our guild leader has been on at us for days to come to do some Heroics with him.

I really didn't want to do this. I really didn't want to be That Guy. I wasn't That Guy on my Death Knight - I didn't step into a Heroic until I was certain I could pull my weight. My gear isn't all that bad for where I am in the game - I'm only homing in on the Defense cap but I am low on health, and I need to actually sort out my glyphs. I could *possibly* tank one of the easier Heroics, if we had a well disciplined group of players who knew the strategy.

As it is, it was me, Tamarind who you might recall recently disenchanted all of his gear, and our intrepid guild leader plus two DPS we'd pugged.

I'll just say again that I really didn't want to be doing this. I don't want to get carried through instances by overgeared players (and anyway you *can't* carry an undergeared healer and tank through an instance no matter how much DPS you have). Yes, getting boosted through Heroics is the best way to gear up fast, but I don't want to gear up fast, I want to gear up in my own time with people I like, and anyway random dudes off the server have no responsibility to get me better gear.

So anyway, our guild leader was terribly friendly and enthusiastic, and insisted with have a go at Heroic Gundrak.

We picked up two DPS amazingly fast, and Tam and I flew to the stone and I went off for what I believe the community calls a bio break. I came back to find the mage we'd picked up complaining about my lack of hit points. Before I could say anything he went on to explain that a good way to get gear was to run level 80 dungeons.

If there is one thing that pisses me off in WoW, it's people thinking I need them to tell me how to play the game. I know that this is rather hypocritical of me (I keep telling our Blood DKs to stop using Blood Strike) but it really hacks me off.

So rather than saying "I know, you're probably right, maybe we should do HoL instead" I said ... well.

I said:

I am, in fact, aware of that. I've just hit 80 and I'm working on my gear as best I can. A guildie asked me to run this with him, and so I said I'd give it a go. So ... umm ... fuck you.

Then I left the party and flew away.

To make matters worse, the guild leader immediately leapt to my defence, which was a shame because the guy I'd just randomly shouted at was actually totally right. I'd also kind of forced Tam to back me up, so it wound up in this awful situation where the other guy left, I got invited back, and we tried to run Heroic Gundrak with a tank in mid-level Blacksmithing gear and a healer in quest greens.

It was, of course, a wipefest. It wasn't entirely the fault of my gear. We got slaughtered on Slad'ran because we didn't kill the adds fast enough and nobody moved out of the Poison Nova, neither of which I feel were my responsibility (particularly not once I was snake wrapped), but I was certainly part of the problem. Because I was worried about my mitigation, I had to spend half my time making sure I had absolutely everything up that could possibly be up (I really need to glyph Divine Plea) which meant that I had a longer setup time than I was used to, which meant my rotations were off, which meant I didn't hold aggro very well (particularly against the Naxx-geared Hunter). Because I needed to be careful not to overaggro, I had to avoid using Avenger's Shield unless I was sure I could take everything, which meant I was pulling with my taunt a lot of the time. In short it was full of fail.

If I'd known the instance better, if we hadn't been a pickup group, and if Tam and I hadn't been totally undergeared, we would have been fine, but I didn't, we were, and we were so it wasn't.

What I found most upsetting was that the guild leader defended me in a way that I was actually slightly ashamed of. He seemed to think that because we needed the gear upgrades it was the responsibility of the other players to help us to get them, and that's not how it works.

So for a moment there I was That Guy. The douchebag who walks into your pickup group and expects you to carry him through to a buffet table of free stuff.

If you're reading this, mage whose name I've forgotten, I'm really sorry. You were totally right, and I knew it, which is why I was so pissed off.

I was a dick.