Thursday, 9 July 2009

Colour Coded For Your Convenience!

You know what was a completely fucking stupid design decision?

Colour coding gear.

Okay, yes I know it wasn't really stupid. It was actually very sensible, but it leads to grade-A stupidity amongst the cretins who play this game.

Misneach Aggro Junkie posted recently about a particular wankstain he had suffered the misfortune of pugging with, who had spent the entire raid complaining that he (Misneach) was "in blues" and therefore "couldn't tank" a 25 man raid.

By "in blues" for what it's worth the guy meant "in a mixture of blue Heroic drops and Epics, none of which came from 25 mans because funnily enough, it is hard to get 25-man gear without going into 25-mans". By "unable to tank a 25 man raid" he meant "Def Capped and with over 25K Hit Points unbuffed".

I strongly suspect that had Misneach showed up for the raid wearing - say the Battlegear of Might or for that matter Corruptor Raiment and the guy wouldn't have batted an eyelid. Because purple gear is *always* better than blue gear. Doesn't matter what the stats on it are, doesn't matter whether it's designed for your class or your role. Doesn't matter if you're about to go into a fight with heavy elemental damage and you need a resist set, purples are always better than blues. Always.

I've been on the receiving end of this myself, although in a more positive way. Some of my (very nice) Alliance guildies were genuinely amazed that I can crack 2k DPS in "mostly blue" gear. It's nice that they think I'm awesome, but the reason I can do that is because I've ... well ... put quite a lot of time and effort into making sure that the gear I've got is the best for the job I'm doing (which is killing things with a big sword) - I could have swapped out my green belt for any number of Epics (some of them even Plate) but there's no sense in trading Strength and Hit Rating for Stamina and Defense even if it's a prettier colour.

The right blues are better than the wrong purples. The right blues properly gemmed and enchanted are a metric assload better than the wrong purples. The right blues properly gemmed and enchanted, combined with sufficient knowledge of the game to know what the right gems and enchants actually are, are so much more important than having "epics" that it beggars belief.


  1. Thank you for the linkage, and I'm that I inspired a "Dickhead of the Week" post.

    I appreciate the support. I hope this guys has learned his lesson, namely, never piss off a WoW blogger.

  2. I agree, its more important that you have gear with the proper stats, that are properly gemmed and enchanted, and that you know how to actually play your class.

    What's interesting is that the color of an item is almost inconsequential; the only thing that really matters is the item level (iLvl), which is strangely only shown if you have an add-on like auctioneer installed.

    You can get blues that range from ilvl 160-200, and purples from 200-239. (Actually I've seen some lower level blues and purps as well.) So even within a "color" there can be a vast difference.

  3. @Zaphind: Yup. iLvl pretty much runs the world, but people still only see the color.

    If you get a blue drop from a heroic, there's a good chance that it'll be an iLvl 200 blue, which is exactly the same iLvl as a purple drop from a heroic.

    Chances are that an iLvl 200 purple may have a bell or whistle or two that would make it better for that slot, but that iLvl 200 blue is a decent piece of gear nonetheless.